Increase your Notary Earnings by Adding Apostilles to your Menu of Services

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By adding the offer of “Expedited Apostille Services”  to the website, Bios on all listing sites such as Notary Rotary, Notary Café, 123Notary, Yelp, Google, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc. you will be enhancing and increasing your income.

As you go about notarizing signatures on documents that look to go abroad, ask the client, “Do you need an Apostille for this document?”  [Turn-around time is 24-hours from receipt.]

Review your notarial work to make sure everything is notarized  properly. The Apostille verifies that you are a Notary Public in good standing at the time of authentication.

Collect document(s), fees, and the return information listed below.

You then Text, Email, Fax all the documents to Naz will review and inform you if OK.  She offers Complimentary reviews to confirm they are acceptable for Apostille before sending.   916-501-1179

She will Email you a FedEx label for sending them to her.     OR       Send your docs with a tracking number, “No Signature Required.” 

Include the Payment of $99.00 for the first document, $56.00 for each subsequent order per client. 

You increase the fee by $100.00 which you keep.